Welcome to my film & video website, I'm Royce, a Director / Producer / Writer, & Cinematographer.
I generally base my work out of Southern California & the San Francisco Bay Area, & have been involved in film, TV & web projects for some time now.

 Me, my trusty Bolex, & hair ... 1978 

Growing up next door to Brooks Institute of Photography in a community that was also crawling with community theater opportunities, film making became a logical passion early on.
Hale Park Filmed Entertainment is the banner under which I produce my own projects; affectionately named for the wooded location of my first 8mm movies in the early 1970s.
WOodland 9 is my co-production entity, named for that same neighborhood's mid-century telephone exchange.

Me, a better camera, & less hair ...1998

This site brings together an archive of past work samples  & a window to my own upcoming projects. It will evolve as time allows, & includes my creative work for others ( primarily as cinematographer ), as well as my own projects. 
While I still consider work-for-hire cinematography or directing jobs, I prefer to discuss how a fuller collaboration may blend my world with yours, so please call with the specifics of (funded) projects if you like my work, but please understand I cannot accept unsolicited script submissions.
- Royce Allen Dudley, January 2020

Me, a great camera, & no hair ... 2018

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